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    • [Introduction] If you are a new a member in the community welcome, if you aren't that's fine too. This is your start in in the Los Angeles Life Roleplay Community. We'd like to first start by getting a 1 on 1 interview with you to really get you started in our community. To get started please make you way to this (link). Once you have clicked that link please choose your windows BIT, this can either be x64 or x32. It really doesn't matter but it's up to you. After the file is downloaded run the .exe it'll give you a software setup, midway through said setup you'll be given a prompt to install OverWolf click no, however, it's up to you. [Connection Guide] Once you have Teamspeak opened press Ctrl + Shift + S, or just navigate to the top left of your Teamspeak app and click connections. Please put the given IP address given from the HR member whom has accepted your application and join one of the interview waiting rooms. If you have been been waiting for more than 30 minutes let us know on the discord a Board Member or IDT member will send a server wide announcement to any HR member in the Teamspeak server to get you taken care of. [You're done] I don't know what to type here. Have fun y'alll.
    • Los Angeles Life RP Board Members Duties and Responsibilities. Disclaimer: The Board for LAL:RP does not associate with ME2Prod's Board of Directors.  They are two separate departments within the company. Chief Service Officer excluded from this disclaimer.         FiveM Division - Organizational Structure Chief Service Officer Game Director - FiveM Community Manager Responsible for enforcing all community rules. Responsible for the relations between staff and players. Responsible for processing whitelist applicants. Project Manager Responsive for the development of in-game assets. Responsible for maintaining the website. Responsible for maintaining the game server. Systems Administrator Responsible for investigating and troubleshooting technical problems. Responsible for the security of the community. Responsible for managing the data of the community. Staff Recruitment Process Application (me2prod’s HR team) HR Interview  Division Interview (Game Director) Background Investigation (HR team) Application asks for personal info and written exam. HR Interview is structured and organized. Division Interview is casual and used to get to personally know the applicant. Background Investigation is used to check prior communities, references, etc
            For official use in the ME2Productions Discord DMCA Protected          
    • General Suggestions   Follow HD Universe but modified (Los Santos/Blaine County/San Andreas) This is due to being able to freely modify the server without ruining the game as much. Most people hate change, but when you are limiting yourself to California. So when you decide you must make changes to be able to operate as a 1:1 California server, it'll hurt your player base much more than following HD universe. With my suggestion below, it was modified from the original HD universe. Originally, there is Los Santos County and Blaine County but I changed it to where Los Santos is a city in Blaine County to make it much simpler and less departments required. Create a realistic and organized staff team for the FiveM Server. You don't need a lot of directors, but more managers. Do research on how small companies structure themselves. I'd consider the following: development, advertising, and community (whitelist applications, rule enforcement, quality standards, etc) Create a plan! Know how you will run your company, know your finances, and how how your going to market the server! Just be prepared and ready!     Government Structure   Blaine County Superior Court Presiding Judge Judge, Criminal Court - Blaine County Judge, Criminal Court - Los Santos Judge, Traffic Court - Blaine County Judge, Traffic Court - Los Santos Judge, Civil & Family Court Collections Manager   Blaine County Government Structure Board of Supervisors (5) [County Supervisors - all assigned a district] Sheriff-Coroner of Blaine County Sheriff's Office (elected) [Blaine County Law Enforcement Services, manages county jail, and protects the county courthouse] District Attorney of Blaine County District Attorney's Office (elected) [Prosecution & Case Investigation for the whole county, also legal support for peace officers] County Clerk (elected) [Manages all business registrations, licenses, and all elections in the county] Fire Chief of Blaine County Fire Department Chief Probation Officer of Blaine County Probation Department County Counsel   County Supervisor Districts District 1 - West Los Santos District 2 - East Los Santos District 3 - East Blaine County (Chumash Area) District 4 - West Blaine County (Sandy Shores Area) District 5 - North Blaine County (Paleto Bay Area)   Los Santos City Government Mayor Chief of Police of Los Santos Police Department Fire Chief of Los Santos Fire Department Director of Los Santos International Airport Director of Los Santos Transit Authority City Attorney City Council (5)   City Council Districts District 1 (Vespucci, Del Perro, Morningwood, Little Seoul) District 2 (Richman, Downtown, and Vinewood_ District 3 (Mirror Park & East Los Santos) District 4 (Port of Los Santos) District 5 (Los Santos International Airport and La Puerta)  
    • ME2Productions Teamspeak Frequently Asked Questions      Low security level? - This typically means your security clearance is too low to join our TS3 Server. Typically all you need to do is update your security level this is all you have to do is make your way to Identities > Your current identity > Advanced > Security Level Improve.   Been waiting for interview for a while? - Usually when you're in a waiting for interview channel the Board of Dirctors will typically see you in the channel and make a server wide announcement to Human Resources  to come and proceed with your application process .   Don't have correct ranks? - Simple fix. Contact your department head, do remember to follow Chain of Command seeing as how you may or not get disciplined if you don't.   Accepted for interview and password expired or not working? - This may happen because of one or two cases. Case one, you exceeded the amount of time given to join the teamspeak server before your temporary password expires. Case two, we may have accepted another member and changed the temporary password by accident if this is the case make a post and we will look at our logs and see if we've made a mistake.     More coming soon.